Istanbul at the lowest costs

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Istanbul is a shoppers paradise with its abundance of bazaars, street vendors and modern shopping malls. However, as with any city, shopping in Istanbul can be expensive if you're not careful. So, how can you enjoy the best of Istanbul's shopping without breaking the bank?

Here are a few tips:

-Visit the bazaars. The bazaars are a great place to find bargains on souvenirs, Turkish rugs and other traditional handicrafts. Be prepared to haggle, though - bargaining is an art in Turkey!

-Visit the street vendors. Street vendors offer a great variety of items at cheap prices, from souvenirs to fruit and vegetables.

-Visit the modern malls. While the malls may not be as cheap as the bazaars and street vendors, they offer a wider range of products and are a great place to buy clothes, cosmetics and other luxury items.

-Buy Turkish products.